Radiobooks: Al Galidi & Chris Van Camp

Radiobooks are stories written by Dutch and Flemish authors and read for deBuren. The stories do not ap­pear in print, but are recorded before a live audience by Klara and broadcast on the radio. The stories are then made available as podcasts and can be downloaded via various websites, for example and The Radiobooks podcasts are proving to be very successful and the stories have been downloaded 25,000 times in four months.

This is encouragement enough for us to continue and this year many new stories will be recorded. In Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (RNW) deBuren has found a new Dutch 'partner in crime', in addition to the Flem­ish Klara. Thanks to rnw all Radiobooks will be trans­lated and voiced in French, English, Spanish and Indo­nesian and stories by Oscar van den Boogaard, Saskia de Coster, Dimitri Verhulst and many other Dutch and Flemish authors will soon be heard on five continents. After the broadcasts, the stories will also be available as podcasts in five languages.


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