Orange is always part of the rainbow

Met Wampie Libon, Jordan Sowle, Oliviero Aseglio en Kim Dankoor

Voertaal: Engels


Ter gelegenheid van de Internationale Dag tegen Homofobie, Transfobie en Bifobie (IDAHOT), nodigen de Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en de Permanente Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland bij de EU, in samenwerking met Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren, u uit voor een avond gewijd aan 'Verhalen van LGBTQI-vluchtelingen in Nederland en België '.


Aan de vooravond van IDAHOT zullen Nederlandse en Belgische statushouders en medewerkers van NGO-initiatieven hun persoonlijke ervaringen met ons delen. We hopen u te mogen verwelkomen om samen het gesprek aan te gaan over deze belangrijke verhalen.


The lectures and talk will be in English


On the evening before IDAHOT, the 16th of May, we invite (former) refugees and workers of NGO initiatives from the Netherlands and Belgium to share their personal experiences with us. Both a Dutch and a Belgium NGO will elaborate on recent projects that they offer to facilitate the integration process for LGBTI refugees. Former refugees who have already been helped by services provided by both COC Netherlands and RainbowHouse Brussels will be present to share their experiences with us.


COC Netherlands has been advocating for the rights of lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgenders and intersexed (LGBTI’s) since 1946. They strive for the decriminalization of sexual orientation and gender identity and for equal rights, emancipation and social acceptance of LGBTI’s in the Netherlands and all over the world. COC has set up a project named 'Cocktail' for LGBTI refugees/asylum seekers. This project aims to bring this group in contact with Dutch LGBTI volunteers with a buddy program and by organizing special events. Our speaker of the evening Jordan Sowle (Cocktail coordinator COC Eindhoven), will elaborate more on the matter.

RainbowHouse Brussels accommodates several French-speaking and Dutch-speaking LGBTQI associations from Brussels. It is a place where individuals can get information and find their way to legal, social, psychological or medical help. During this evening project officer Oliviero Aseglio will tell us about the Rainbows United project. This initiative aims to help refugees with integration queries through societal interventions such as ateliers where questions can be asked, and individual coaching trajectories are provided.

After these stories a panel discussion will find place during which several statements will be discussed. We aim to bring together experience experts and representatives from different countries and institutions in order to reflect on and discuss these important stories and initiatives. The panel will constitute of the NGO workers and former refugees that participated.




19:30    Registration
20:00    Introductory remarks


Wampie Libon
Deputy Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium


20:15    COC Netherlands


Jordan Sowle
Coordinator Cocktail Project Eindhoven


20:30    RainbowHouse Brussels


Oliviero Aseglio

Project Officer Rainbows United Project


20:45    Panel discussion with


Jordan Sowle
Coordinator Cocktail Project Eindhoven, COC Netherlands


Oliviero Aseglio
Project officer Rainbows United, RainbowHouse Brussels


Former refugees, who participated in either projects


Moderator Kim Dankoor


During this panel discussion we welcome questions and comments from the audience


21:30    Concluding remarks followed by informal drinks


22:00    End of Event


Organisatie: de Nederlandse Ambassade en de Permanente Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland bij de Europese Unie in samenwerking met deBuren
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