Day of the Student: Political jobbers

On the occasion of the 'Day of the Student' deBuren is, in collaboration with CJP, again organising a meeting between students and politicians.

It is an often heard complaint in political parties that too few talented youngsters are attracted by the lure of politics. Political 'staff ' is difficult to find. Top Flemish, Dutch and European politicians are here invited to share their experiences with Flemish and Dutch (Erasmus) students in Brussels. Students can gain valuable information about a political career. Representatives from the diplomatic services and European institutions are also invited.

The first of our political jobber sessions was a great success. Last autumn, in addition to several prominent (ex-)politicians and many political journalists, we welcomed almost the entire Flemish government, including the then Flemish minister-president, Yves Leterme.

The event is open to students (Erasmus and otherwise), youngsters and school pupils. During a discussion which may also be attended by colleagues, they can put questions to a politician individually or in groups to see if they can squeeze the ultimate political career tip out of them.

In association with CJP and OPB


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