Mind the Book

The literary festival 'Het Andere Boek' (The Other Book) doesn’t exist anymore, but as of 2011 the Vooruit and deSingel in Antwerp present a new festival titled ‘Mind the Book’. The event focuses on non-fiction, books and topicality and will be alternately organised in Antwerp and Ghent. The first edition takes place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of March 2011 in deSingel in Antwerp. The theme of the first edition is ‘The Orient’. deBuren participates with a special program about a revolutionary idea of a living legend from the publishing trade.

The Espresso Book Machine® and revolutionary printing

deBuren and the American Book Center Amsterdam present the Espresso Book Machine® (the ‘EBM’) at ‘Mind the Book’. Based on digital files, this innovative machine - a sort of book automat - prints, binds and cuts books on request and on the spot. The machine gives access to many books that weren’t available before and is connected to an enormous database containing more than three million books that aren’t available or in print anymore. The EBM also creates possibilities for the citybooks of deBuren.

Lecture Jason Epstein

With this machine, visionary publisher Jason Epstein wants to unleash a revolution in printing. Epstein is an American editor and publisher with a longstanding, notorious career in the publishing trade. He was the publisher of, amongst others, Norman Mailer, Vladimir Nabokov and Philip Roth, and he invented the paperback. He is the founder of The New York Review of Books, co-creator of The Readers Catalogue and received awards like the National Book Award, the Curtis Benjamin Award and The Lifetime Achievement Award of the National Book Critics Circle. At ‘Mind the Book’, Epstein will talk about his vision for the future of the new publishing and the democratisation of the book. After the lecture, he will talk with Tjeerd Bijman (VPRO). Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this literary pioneer!

Dit evenement vond plaats van vrijdag 4 maart 2011 t/m zondag 6 maart 2011

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