At deBuren captivating guests cross swords in order to give inspiring contributions to the public debate, on topics ranging from the cultural, academic and political field. Apart from organizing lectures, debates and exhibitions, we also stimulate the virtual debate through columns by a wide range of authors.


We compassionately encourage you to critically reflect and comment on the columns posted by the chosen authors. But on open ground: under your own name or under a pseudonym known by our web editorial department. deBuren always maintains the right to remove posts that, in our view, do not support an open and honest debate.

Get the most out of your lunch break!


Written by deBuren on 23 August 2016

Escape your daily work routine with titillating lunch time activities! One address for your lunch break: deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, Brussels! deBuren is all ears recharges your batteries with a wide range of musical genres. Enjoying music with a big bowl of steaming soup. Cook & Look presents theatre, documentary and lecture during lunch. Salivating already? Don't delay, book a ticket today!

A new initiative will burst out of the starting blocks autumn 2016


Written by Ann Overbergh on 11 August 2016

A new initiative will burst out of the starting blocks autumn 2016: the Kennisknooppunt (knowledge junction) deBuren will immerse itself in questions on matters of culture, society and media in Flanders and The Netherlands. We'll organise new meetings and discussions, and publish online and print reports. Where indicated we'll deliver thorough policy recommendations. The Kennisknooppunt will not function in isolation, but will rather link up with partners in Flanders and The Netherlands.

Joint cultural capital: Frankfurt am Main


Written by Wim Vanseveren on 11 August 2016

As always, we'll present an exciting mix of established talent and young makers in deBuren's 2016 autumn programme. Literature, radio, podcast and debate. It'll be an autumn programme heavy on language, between Brussels and Amsterdam, and from Paris to Frankfurt. Because that language is what we share.

The other side of Molenbeek


Written by on 1 June 2016

During the last day of the New Europe City Makers Summit, City Makers discussed the future of City Making in a number of different sessions. The Neighbourhood Community session discussed initiatives from Brussel. The neighbourhood Molenbeek, got the chance to share their story. A program made in collaboration with deBuren.

What if? Celebrating the fantasy of a United Kingdom of the Netherlands


Written by Lucia Hoenselaars on 1 June 2016

The Hoenselstorian (Lucia Hoenselaars), the log of a beginning public historian, devoted a blog post to one of the evenings in the series What if? (Een Gemiste Kans), a thought-experiment, or rather, a bold piece of what-if history: What if the Netherlands and Flanders had stayed in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1830? Read her full blog post here.

deBuren is all Ears! | Lunchtime Concerts


Written by deBuren on 15 January 2016

Once a month (on Thursdays) you are more than welcome at deBuren for a lunchtime concert along with a snack and a drink. The programme is eclectic; we like to surprise you as well as ourselves. While it's all rather informal but intimate, there is one thing we do insist on: respect for the performer, which means no talking during the concert. Welcome!

Europe by People | Cultural Programme of the Dutch EU Presidency in 2016


Written by deBuren on 14 January 2016

The Dutch presidency of the European Union Council began on January 1st 2016. Europe by People, the presidency's cultural programme, explores contemporary social isssues through art and design and unfurls a range of cultural exchange initiatives. While the majority of activities will take place in Amsterdam, the European capital Brussels will also play host to a series of events.

deBuren's programme for the first half of 2016!


Written by deBuren on 14 January 2016

The deBuren-programme for the first half of 2016 is online! Director Wim Vanseveren will familiarize you with our plans.

Citybooks | Unique 30 minute audio stories. Writers on cities


Written by citybooks on 30 September 2015

citybooks are *FREE* short stories about cities written by famous authors and up-and-coming literary talents. Perfect for on your e-reader, or for a lazy listening session on your mp3 player. Let the power of imagination carry you all over the world! citybooks is currently present in Ypres for the 100 year commemoration of the Second Battle of Ypres.

Discover our English spoken events!


Written by deBuren on 30 September 2015

Does Dutch sound like Chinese to you? We welcome you to our English spoken events!


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Stay informed of our activities in english

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