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Written by deBuren

Tuesday 21.10 | 19:30 - Time to talk: Europe and the crisis in the Ukraine - The EU as a guarantee for long-lasting peace: a lost illusion?

Tuesday 04.11 | 19:30 - 'I died in hell - (They called it Passchendaele)' - A multilingual and multimedia evocation of the First World War

Wednesday 12.11 | 19:30 - The vote against the EU: populism or protest? - Battle of Ideas 2014

Wednesday 19.11 | 20:00 - European Union Prize voor Literature 2014 - Evening open to the public with winners of the European Literature prize

Thursday 04.12 | 19:30 - Malkit Shoshan: Drones & Honeycombs - 2014-1914: Conflict and innovation

Call for applications - Join the European Cultural Parliament Youth Network (ECP YN) - The Belgian team

Written by deBuren

ECP YN is a Pan-European Network of young art - and culture related professionals exists in total 17 countries across Europe. They are looking for more members to fully create a core group for ECP YN Belgium: persons between 20 and 35 who are motivated to contribute to the development of the culture sectors and for young people in them. This can be done in purely artistic ways, but also structural ways. The deadline is November the 2nd 2014. More information (pdf)

VIDEO: Erdogan supporters and opponents clash in debate about tradition, modernization and gender in Turkey

Written by deBuren

Picture posted by Hazal Naz BesleyiciRecently the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç – a member of Prime Minister Erdogan's Islamist AK party – suggested that women should no longer laugh in public. A storm of protest followed. Within the framework of the WoWmen! festival, deBuren and Kaaitheater organized a debate 10 March 2014 on whether the tension between tradition and innovation in Turkey  is representative of what is happening in gender issues. It was a heated debate between pro and contra Erdogan.

EXPO IN THE SPOTLIGHT: citybooks Hasselt-Genk: city portraits in 24 photos by Athos Burez

Written by deBuren

© Athos BurezThe exhibition of fairy-tale citybooks photos by the young Antwerp photographer Athos Burez runs until October. He has made remarkable city portraits of both Hasselt and Genk, using moonlight as one of his backdrops. Because this special citybooks edition took its inspiration from two cities, the photos are naturally to be seen at two locations: twelve photos in the Genk public library, and twelve in Z33 in Hasselt.